Swee Say – No U turn on foreign worker policy

Swee Say is really on the ball. One month in the job he is already like a
fish in the water. He held a press conference and used charts to brief
the media in details on the policies of MOM. And he stressed that there
will be no U turn on the curb on foreign workers. The cap would still be
on to ensure that there will be a Singaporean core in the workforce.
Building a Singaporean core of

Amos Yee – How to cleanse this ‘devil’?

Putting him in jail wlll not save him. He is too evil, incorrigible and
needs tougher measures if he is to be saved. A minimum of 18 months of
reformative training under some angels is the least that is needed to
save this bad boy. Heard they are considering 30 months of reformative
training to be effective. The good hearted people are overstressing themselves
to find a solution to save

The Americans claiming the whole of South China Sea

Everyone is flabbergasted that China is claiming a large part of the
South China Sea. The other littoral states are also in the rush to claim
as much as they could. The South China Sea islands were uninhabited and
for a long time, virgin land, terra nullius. Under historical
precedence, such islands are finder’s keepers. What is so wrong about
that? Whoever found it first earns the right to

Redbean Soup in the process of printing

                Redbean Soup
                Tonic for the soul

This is a collection of essays and satires posted in http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.sg by Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean


My book is off to the printer. It would be just about 200 pages but only
managed to squeeze in 54 articles. I thought I could put in 100
articles but with an intro appetiser to each article to

The daft’s understanding of disputed territories

The South China Sea islands are disputed territories so no one can
conduct land reclamation. Who said so, the Empire said so. China first
laid claims to the islands donkey years ago, centuries ago. Johnny comes
lately makes his claim to the islands as well, so the islands are now
disputed territories.

The Philippines are claiming Sabah. So Sabah is disputed territories and
the Malaysian

All Singapore Stuff(ASS)

Singapore - Statutory Board Media Development Authority (MDA) has axed 33 full-time staff today, ST has learned

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A MDA staff "Amanda" who declined to give her real name as she was not
authorised to speak with the media